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Our tenth anniversary

Our tenth anniversary - Alumipres, S.L.

Years ago, in 1994, hard times of industrial crisis, especially for casting Injected in Catalunya, is in this context that ALUMIPRES starting off on the uncertain journey full of pitfalls that every new project brings, but with great determination and strength, as it has from the first minute of his birth, with the confidence that customers and suppliers personally deposited in its founder, becoming this foundation and early ALUMIPRES.

After the journey, consolidated, having overcome the initial vicissitudes, entrenched in the future, and above all, with the invaluable assistance and cooperation of those people and companies that maintain and enhance the valuable everyday confidence that once deposited , today celebrates its 10th ANNIVERSARY ALUMIPRES.

It is with this reason, I personally and on behalf of ALUMIPRES, I want to publicly express my respect and gratitude to all whose support and effort contributed to the fact that today we are, while reiterating our commitment and desire to continue this close and friendly relationship.

To our customers, suppliers, partners and employees, on this tenth anniversary, thank you very much.


Elias Velasco Castro.